Disney, Stop Trying to Be “Woke”

In case you don’t know what the “woke olympics” are – don’t worry. I didn’t know about it until Greg Gutfeld’s speech at Turning Point USA’s Teen Student Action Summit in July 2019. The “woke olympics” is basically the liberals, celebrities, companies, and social justice warriors competing to see who is the “most woke”.




Now, anyone who pays attention to current events knows that companies engage in what is referred to as “corporate virtue signaling”. Nike, Pepsi, Gillette, Starbucks, and Google are just some of the companies that are constantly competing in the “woke olympics”.

Nike endorses Colin Kaepernick, comes out with a hijab, and removes the Betsey Ross flag from their products.

Pepsi made a commercial that insinuated that Kendall Jenner walking away from a photoshoot and offering protesters and police officers cans of soda completely healed the racial divide and ended the BLM movement (if only it were that easy, right?).

Gillette created an ad promoting men shaving their beards because beards apparently symbolize “toxic masculinity”.

Starbucks had a “feminist” drink in collaboration with Ariana Grande, engage in “racial bias training”, they created lids with less plastic for this latest push against “single use plastics”, and they kicked police officers out of the store because ONE person felt “uncomfortable” with them being there.

Google has been known to change searches like “All Lives Matter” to “Black Lives Matter”; the doodle on the homepage changes for feminist marches, BLM marches, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Black History Month, but not for Independence Day, President’s Day, or Memorial Day; they also most recently scrubbed search results of photos and articles about Obama with Jeffrey Epstein and changed the search to photos and articles about President Trump with Jeffrey Epstein.

When these companies compete in the “woke olympics”, it looks a little bit like Nike coming out with a hijab, then Starbucks says, “Wait! We’re more woke! We have racial bias training!”, then Nike says, “No, we’re more woke! We took the Betsey Ross flag off of our products because Colin Kaepernick said to do so!”. Still don’t get it? Google changes search results from “All Lives Matter” to “Black Lives Matter”, then Gillette says, “Look how woke we are! We’re against toxic masculinity!”, then Google says, “Nope, we’re still more woke than you because we scrubbed our search engine of any photos or articles about Obama possibly being a pedophile!”.

A lot of conservatives and moderates have been boycotting most television shows and movies because of their increasingly political messages. Disney is a prime example of trying to prove how “woke” they are to the public. As a reminder, Disney owns Disney Channel, ABC, Freeform, Walt Disney Productions, LucasFilms, Marvel, and is in collaboration with most Pixar films. Disney has painted themselves into a corner with their ever-increasing “woke-ness”. From “Frozen” using sisterly love instead of a prince, to *spoiler* Falcon becoming Captain America, to the ultimate man-hating feminist in Captain Marvel, to Thor being played by Natalie Portman, to a black actress being cast as Ariel in The Little Mermaid, to talks of Elsa having a girlfriend in Frozen 2.

Disney has already included social justice and political issues in at least twenty movies we can all recognize.

“Tangled” has sprinkles of feminism and vilifying of police officers.


“Brave” is true feminist rhetoric, with the men all seeming idiotic compared to the women characters, and Merida insists that if she gets married, she’ll have to give up her archery and her personal goals.

“Frozen” focused on the feminist ideals of “sisterly love” being “true love” instead of love from a Prince. The movie also basically says that most men are evil and are not to be trusted.

“Maleficent” focused on powerful women and feminism. The men are either useless or villains. It even hinted at LGBTQ ideals when Maleficent was “true love’s kiss” instead of the Prince.

“Zootopia” focused primarily on racism, how there -supposedly- isn’t equal opportunity in the workforce, and even encouraged making others feel white guilt.

We all know that “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” allude to and poke fun at both physical handicaps and mental illnesses.

“Moana” touches on feminism. She never mentions how she needs a man and is more focused on her life goals. She also rebels against the patriarchy vehemently.

Even documentaries like “March of the Penguins 2: The Next Step” turned into a movie about climate change.

“Born in China” focused on poachers, climate change, and deforestation.

The live action version of “Beauty and the Beast” had a gay character named “LeFou”. He dances with another man at the final ball, has a crush on Gaston, and is not shy about it. Wardrobe also dresses three men in drag in the movie.

The 2017 movie “Coco” focuses on a young Hispanic boy who embarks on a journey with a STRANGER to follow his dreams while stomping on his family’s values and hopes for him. Also, for a company that is usually about “inclusivity”, this movie only stars Hispanic (or dead) characters.

In the live action “Aladdin”, they replaced the iconic “genie” played by Robin Williams (Rest in Peace), with Will Smith – to the public’s dismay. Also, the actors should’ve all been from Arabic countries – yet they took the easy way out and hired Bollywood actors. Those are two completely different regions, races, cultures, and religions. There should’ve been public outrage about the casting of Aladdin because, frankly, it’s pretty racist. Plus, the movie was all about Jasmine, not Aladdin.

Toy Story 4 had a lesbian couple dropping off their child at school; while Little Bo Peep made her comeback not in a dress, but in a pantsuit with a cape – making Twitter users say she was “channeling lesbian energy”.

In the live action “Lion King”, they pretty much get rid of the existing inclusivity that made the movie so diverse and dynamic in the first place. The hyenas, originally, had darker coats and spoke with a “street” dialect, using slang and Hispanic accents. Scar is noticeably darker than the other lions, originally. This is not racist. The darker coats are symbolism of good versus evil. This is the most simple way to convey and distinguish the evil characters from the good characters to children. However, in the remake, Scar has the same color coat as all the other lions, his voice isn’t nearly as menacing, and the hyenas lost their diversity. Also, Scar’s song “Be Prepared” has been compared to Nazi ideology.

Now, to move on to Marvel – in “Avengers: End Game”, when Cap retires, he gives his shield to Falcon, asking him to take over as Captain America. Firstly, Cap had to think, “Hey, Falcon’s pretty lame, want to be Captain?”, and, secondly, we now have a black Captain America. I would normally not have an issue with this at all, but Captain America is supposed to represent all of America, and black people still only make up about 13% of the population.

We all know that “Captain America: Civil War” was about more or less government regulations, as well as whether the Avengers should be held to the same standard as civilians when it comes to homicide, property damage, car accidents, etc.

“Black Panther” was full of racial issues, most notably the “ape barking”; while the ONLY white person in the movie was comedic relief. The term “Black Panther” also holds a heavy connotation in American history.


For “Captain Marvel”, Disney hired one of the most prominent feminists in Hollywood – and it showed. The whole film was practically about feminism, and there’s a deleted scene in which Captain Marvel flirts with a man just to steal his belongings. She gets a VERY short haircut during the film, which prompted many memes to be made. Then, on the press tour, she stated, “I won’t accept reviews from white men,” although she, herself, is white.

You think they would’ve learned about their casting choices, but still casted Sophie Turner-Jonas as Jean Grey in “Dark Phoenix”. The movie, having a powerful female lead, is full of feminism – and it TANKED at the box office. It’s unclear whether the lack of success is due to the overwhelming feminism in Marvel movies, the female lead, or the fact that her public political comments make Sophie less than desirable.

In “Fantastic Four” (the remake), Disney virtue signaled again and cast Michael B. Jordan as “Johnny Storm”, while his sister “Sue Storm” was played by Kate Mara. When asked on the red carpet to explain this, Jordan replied with, “I’m tired of explaining this, you nerds are gonna go see it anyways.” Well, “us nerds” made it BOMB at the box office.

In Disney’s “Cloak and Dagger” on Freeform, Cloak was re-cast as a black teen who tries to avenge the shooting of his unarmed younger brother at the hands of a white police officer.

Now, don’t forget that Disney is responsible for the new Star Wars films. Yes, they stayed woke and cast a black man as the male protagonist. Of course, they also cast a female as the lead. For the “Solo” standalone movie, the character Lando Calrissian is “pansexual”. Let’s not forget about when they removed all the weapons from the movie posters, too!

My question is: when does it end? When will Disney wake up? Or will Disney continue down this path because they’ve held themselves to an increasingly “woke” standard until now? Disney COULD appease both sections of their target audience by remaking the old stories in the way they were intended, and by writing new storylines to be more inclusive. Unfortunately, it seems that Disney doesn’t want to create new stories – they want to be lazy and change the characters and ideas from old stories to show their “inclusivity”.

From Disney’s 24 leading ladies, there are 15 white characters, 2 black characters, 2 Hawaiian characters, 1 Asian, 1 Native American, 1 Hispanic, 1 Middle Eastern, and 1 Romani character. Though Disney is popular all over the world and their characters originate from many different countries, that doesn’t change the fact that the characters are created in America and that they all speak English.

So, since SJWs want to complain that they “deserve” a black Ariel because they weren’t given enough representation – just know that is a COMPLETE lie intended to cause feelings of white guilt, to perpetuate the racial divide, and to instill fear in the public of being called “racist” if they say anything to the contrary.

I suppose these statistics are going to seem pretty racist to them, but facts are facts. The White population in America is 72.4%, compared to the 62.5% of White leading ladies in Disney films. The Black population in America is 12.6%, compared to the 8.3% representation in Disney films. The Hispanic population in America is 16.3%, compared to the 4.2% representation in Disney films. The Asian population in America is 4.8%, compared to the 4.2% representation in Disney films. The Pacific Islander population in America is 0.2%, compared to the 8.3% representation in Disney films. The Native American population in America is 0.9%, compared to the 4.2% representation in Disney films. The Middle Eastern population in America is 1%, compared to the 4.2% representation in Disney films. The “other races” which includes Romani population in America is 6.2%, compared to the 4.2% representation in Disney films.

When looking at these numbers, one can draw the conclusion that the demographics that are lacking in representation are the White population by 9.9%, Black population by 4.3%, Hispanic population by 12.1%, and Asian population by 0.6%. You can also draw the conclusion that Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, and Middle Easterners are overrepresented in Disney films. Numbers don’t lie, and when looking at these I see that Disney has been equal to population density, if not overly generous to minorities.

We already know that Disney’s on the way to ruining three movies in the near future. The live action “Little Mermaid” with a black Ariel and a white villain, Frozen 2 having a lesbian relationship in it, and Thor now being played by a female.. But will they stop there? I can think of many more movies that could be turned into liberal propaganda.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is super offensive and would have to be renamed to Snow White and the Seven Little People. She also wouldn’t be cleaning and cooking or doing traditional female household roles, but she would be lounging while the men did all the housework.

The live action Bambi’s famous death scene would now have to be carried out by some white NRA member with a “fully semi automatic assault rifle” (there’s no such thing) with a suppressor on it.

Peter Pan could definitely be gay, but Tinkerbell’s cute little hourglass figure would need to be pretty thick to support the whole “Body Positivity” movement.

In Sleeping Beauty, the Prince has to find a way to ask consent even though Aurora has zero bodily autonomy – because the current version is pretty rape-y.

In 101 Dalmatians, all that is needed for Cruella to be a villain is for her to be a “gun toting Republican”.

The Sword in the Stone in its current form is the pure essence of toxic masculinity. Sir Arthur would need to be played by a female to show that we can do anything a man can do (which is completely false, physically).

Princess and the Frog is pretty woke already. I think if we add in an AntiFa protest and have Tiana wear a BLM shirt, Disney would be fine.

Tangled really should have an evil stepfather who keeps her locked away, because, if we’re going to be woke, women can’t ever be evil unless they’re Trump supporters.

For “Brave”, they could easily make Merida either transgender or lesbian.

In Moana, there could be more diversity, and maybe even a few verbal mentions of the words “feminist” and “patriarchy”. She could also be an expert at sailing on her first try because women are never weak and can do anything a man can do.

Now, take a moment to realize how INSANE all of that sounds. Would you go see any of the above mentioned movies? I know I wouldn’t.

The real problem here is not that Disney is not diverse enough as it is – the problem is celebrities, SJWs, and “fans” using scare tactics and manipulation against movie executives if they don’t give minorities, LGBTQ+, and outspoken liberal actors MORE than their fair share of movie roles. That’s what this boils down to – minorities thinking something is owed to them, and movie executives being lazy and caving.

From Lilo to Moana, from Mulan to Jasmine, from Tiana to Esmerelda and Pocahontas – there are enough POC leading ladies as it is, and that’s not even counting Marvel with Gamora, Storm, Nakia, and Okoye. If Disney would leave the story as it was written, they wouldn’t lose any ticket sales. If they want to appeal more to minority groups, they can WRITE NEW STORIES.

Make no mistake – Disney is using their fairytales to instill leftist values onto young, impressionable children. Studies have shown that racism, homophobia, etc. are TAUGHT – so I am asking you to open your eyes if Disney continues down this road. Do NOT let them shove homosexuality, body positivity, radical feminism, rebellion against “the patriarchy”, and racism onto your young children. They deserve the chance to make up their own minds.

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