Confusing Signs from the Climate Strike 2019

On Friday, September 20, 2019, thousands of people – namely young students – took to the streets to try to “force politicians to take action on climate change”. I’m sure you all heard poor Greta’s speech in front of the UN. Not to worry though, if you didn’t see it – you aren’t missing much. Just another 16 year old thinking she’s got nothing to figure out.

However, she is credited with organizing this “Climate Strike”, where a bunch of kids from across the world got excused absences to SKIP SCHOOL and walk around their cities with nonsensical garbage scribbled on cardboard.

I’m not a climate change denier – I definitely believe that climate change exists. However, I believe it has been happening for thousands of years. Remember the Ice Age? Remember when Las Vegas, Nevada (Las Vegas translates to “The Valley”) was covered in grass, trees, and rivers? There was a catastrophic flood in the South in 1927, followed by “The Dust Bowl” – a famous drought – in the 1930s.

However – I do reject the fact that humans are the cause. If we are, it’s because the largest emissions of CO2 come from us. Newsflash: We breathe in oxygen, we exhale carbon dioxide. It also doesn’t matter if every country in the world goes green if China doesn’t.

Also, they just found that the ice caps on Mars are melting. You know what’s NOT on Mars? HUMANS.

Anyways, here are some of the signs from that “Climate Strike” that precious little “How Dare You” Greta organized – and let’s just say that some of them definitely show why these children should be in school instead of using a bunch of PAPER PRODUCTS and taking to the streets in the name of “climate change activism”.

If your goal is to “force politicians to take action on climate change”, then this IS about politics. Aliens, the girl in the middle would “rather get abducted by aliens at this point”, so, you know what to do. Regarding the girl on the left, I bet she would get REALLY upset if it was cold during the summer when she went on a beach vacation. Just saying.

Well, that’s a lot of single-use plastics used to make that costume. Do you think they recycled them when they were done with this little…statement?

You should go to school to learn that over fifty educated climate scientists responded to Greta’s speech by saying “There is no climate crisis”.

Does she know that spaces between words exist?

I get that the kid with the orange sign is trying to quote “All Star” by Smashmouth, but, he’s using an apostrophe in the word “yours” that doesn’t need to be there; so, this kid definitely needs to be in school.

Honestly this sounds like more of a personal problem than a global problem.. maybe he’s just using large-scale advertising for a new hairdresser?

Shoutout to the sign all the way on the left, it just makes me laugh and also makes me wonder, “Who is Scott and what did he do?” The sign says, “GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER SCOTT.”

If the Green New Deal was passed, Greta wouldn’t have been able to fly from Sweden to the United States for her speech at the UN…

I’m not sure how that makes any sense at all, but I do see that all of you are in heavy coats – so it must be quite cold… Hmm. That’s a bit off-brand, isn’t it?

First of all, the exclamation point should go at the end of the statement, not at the beginning; I like the yellow and red sign. It gets right to the point, and it’s universal for any march or strike that may happen in the future.


The person on the left is honestly holding their sign upside down.

“So much wrong so little cardboard” – does he not know that cardboard is made from TREES? So, he’s calling for MORE deforestation?

Ma’am, where do you think we will go? Mars? The Moon? To be climate refugees, we have to escape to somewhere with a better climate…

“More than 80% of natural disasters are climate related”.. Yep. That’s what makes them “natural” disasters.


“The desert is hot enough” – Okay so we are aware of the differing climates across the globe.. and I’d just like to point out the woman in the back who is proudly wearing a “Cute but Psycho” shirt.

What’s with the little superhero symbols? Also, “If we can stop R. Kelly, we can stop Climate Change?” Nope, R. Kelly was arrested and charged with sex crimes, child pornography, kidnapping, and forced labor… not even remotely the same topic.

The sign in the back proves they can’t spell the simple four letter word “Real”, so I think these kids should be in school.

The one in the unicorn costume really committed; the one on the right… not so much.

Well, I’ll be having Greta nightmares tonight.

This looks like less of a “strike” and more like a “nap”.

I can’t tell if the man in the NASA shirt is a troll or if he’s just in the wrong place at the right time.

Kiddo, you’ve lived on the planet for about 4 years; I would bet money that you didn’t make that sign and that your parents are shoving their political agenda on their innocent children.

“Civil Disobedience requires no permission slip” – yeah, tell that to the truancy court.

When did the world ever “Greta” for us to “Make the World Greta Again”? The meaning of the name Greta is “Pearl”, so now I’m just really confused.

Well, they’re standing in front of a LOT of greenery..

If you can’t spell “thinning”, I think you should be in school instead of striking.

There’s a lot going on here, from “It’s getting hot in here” from a group in heavy coats, to “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – which I just find to be historically inaccurate.. Then the person on the right says, “YOLO Climate Justice”. I haven’t seen a more millennial sign, to be honest.

I think the girl on the left would be VERY disappointed if all she got for Christmas was sensible climate policy.

There IS such a thing as clean coal technology.

One girl goes from being vulgar to the other thinking she’s being clever.. Fossil fool. Get it?


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