Confusing signs from Recent DC Marches

There have been quite a few marches in Washington, D.C. recently, mostly having to do with impeachment, but also to do with transgenders. Yeah – there’s a lot going on. Anyways, here are some of their hilarious signs that they make for these marches that make zero sense and don’t convey the message of what they are marching for or against.

Grandma, they’re not going to care.

“Enough…lying, hate, racism, cages, walls, cheating, gun violence, inaccessible healthcare, police brutality, gerrymandering, denying climate change, voter suppression, civil rights violations, income inequality, ignoring human rights!”

Let’s see.. how many of these things occurred during Obama’s presidency, yet there were no “marches on DC” for that? For sure lying, hate, racism, cages, walls, cheating, gun violence, inaccessible healthcare, police brutality, gerrymandering, voter suppression, civil rights violations, income inequality and ignoring human rights.

Wow – almost the whole sign is dedicated to Obama’s presidency! Weird!

This just proves that they know nothing about history, fascism, or the fact that America is not a democracy.

Which specific murders are we talking about? I feel like I haven’t heard about any of those occurring – whatsoever.

Yes, let’s compare slavery to being gay or trans or whatever they’re marching for/against by using a Frederick Douglass quote. Also, who the hell is trying to “erase” you?!

Who is executive ordering your child out of existence?!

The “Tolerant Left” everyone..

I’m confused as to what point he’s trying to make; I’m also pretty sure there’s a misspelling in this sign.

The fact that they still think he says “Bigly” and not “Big League” is just – beyond. I can’t.

“Douchebaggery beyond reproach, Trump 2020″… I don’t understand these libs. Do you think they go up to each other at these marches and go “Hey I like your sign,” or nah?

“Snakes on a Plane” reference? Ohhhkayyyy.

Your sign is correct, he’s not a dictator, he’s your president, Betsy.

Yeah, that’s not how it works.


Can someone make sense of this sign for me?

Ooooh BURN.

I like the measured lines so that she kept everything in line and the same size, at least. Nice work with the penmanship.

How is Mitch tied to Moscow? Did I miss something?!

What’s with the little cap? I’m assuming the black square is supposed to resemble Hitler’s mustache… but the cute cartoon red lips? What is going on?

Ma’am, what baby do you know has yellow chest hair? Also, OBAMA PUT KIDS IN CAGES.

I like how they used 2’s because they didn’t have enough S’s.

“We the People Are: 1. Pissed Off, 2. Paying Attention, 3. Voting, 4. Marching, 5. Persisting, 6. All of the Above”

I’m sorry but who taught this person that list making = multiple choice? Because it doesn’t.

You’re not even trying.

Your daughter has far more rights than a gun and a corporation COMBINED.

This analogy is kind of alllllll over the place.

Yes, let’s now equate Trump to Hannibal Lecter.

Sure, why don’t we idolize murderers, thieves, cheaters, liars…. need I go on?

“She told me so” – uhm, how would God impregnate a woman if God was a woman? And in the ten commandments it definitely says “thou shalt not murder”…

Yes, in your biological birth sports league, yes.

You do know that Mattis isn’t Secretary of Defense anymore… right?


This just showed me that they truly have NO IDEA what they’re talking about. That’s all.

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